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One Health Center

Location: One Health Medical Center
Completed: 2023
Category: Medical, Office, Commercial
Total Area: 2934 sq ft

Our team completed a sophisticated 2,934 square foot build-out for One Health Medical, a premier healthcare provider focused on delivering comprehensive and personalized medical services. This project, situated in a strategic location, was designed to foster a welcoming and efficient environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The build-out encompassed demolition of a former radiology center, to build-out a medical center for the elderly.  The build-out consisted of offices, dentist stations with a lab area, rehabilitation room, beauty salon, kitchen, reception space and ADA compliant restroom. Advanced technological integrations were also a key focus, enabling seamless operations and enhancing patient care through innovative solutions.

Attention to detail was paramount, with every aspect of the design and construction process tailored to meet the unique needs of a modern medical facility. From ergonomic workstations for staff to accessible, patient-friendly amenities, this project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in healthcare environments.

Medical center chairs for patient

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